Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers

Director – Harmony Korine

The story of how four young women go down to Florida for Spring Break and instead head down a road of violence and organised crime, Spring Breakers is a neon-blurred shock to the system.

Spring Breakers is also the mainstream break from cult filmmaker Harmony Korine. Its intense mix of girls and guns has such an impact that the film is difficult to get to grips with in the early scenes, but with a great lead in James Franco (and a rather strong turn from Selena Gomez, making her way from teen-stardom to more mature work). Given the subject matter, meshing together both the commentary on gang culture and a leering eye for both sexuality and violence, the ultimate message comes off a little uneven.

Despite the film’s rather extreme approach, its intriguing premise, strong performances and moments of odd originality still helps make Spring Breakers an enjoyable film.

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